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Finland-made Cajun accordion, pretty cool!

Cajun Swede, that's an interesting builder you found in Finland. They look really sharp. I wonder how they are quality & price wise - Have you explored this?

Re: Finland-made Cajun accordion, pretty cool!

k i wanna no the name of the person who made the accordion!!!!

Re: Anyone know these accordions ??

This looks alot like the excelsior Acadia. This one on ebay UK even says Acadia on it. i don't know alot about these other than the stops are pushed down to open rather than the traditionly up to open on a LA box.

Re: Re: Anyone know these accordions ??

I see what you mean Sambeaux..just looked up a model...very similar !!

I suppose the problem of so many accordions being given different names when they've all been mass produced does tend to lead you to seek out the genuine hand made makers even though the waiting list can long. Been in tough with a guy in France (Martin) and he has a 15 month waiting list !!

The advice about finding a good second hand one from one of the top makers is sound...if....you can find one !!

You guys are being very helpful.


Re: Re: Anyone know these accordions ??

The Finnish accordion is the real thing. Look closely spacers under the keyboard means he is using return springs. The corner sets are the same as Larry Miller's, the closure straps are the same as Larry Miller's, Butt joint construction, same thumb and base straps, buttons etc. All are quality parts. The fact that some of the accordions are shown with the stops closed does not mean they are chinese. Look closely 2 are open (stops up).

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