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New Yahoo group for cajun and zydeco lyrics

I've started a new yahoo group for cajun and zydeco lyrics.

The preference will be for lyrics that have been transcribed from a specific recording, not copied out of some other generalized online or hard-copy source.

I know lyrics get posted on these lists, but then they disappear as the posts cycle through. This will be a repository.

The only thing that will be there is what we put there, so don't expect there to be a bunch of lyrics there when you join.

Re: New Yahoo group for cajun and zydeco lyrics

I've gone back through the two lists and tried to get copies of all the lyrics posted here and put them on the lyrics site, so they're easy to find, and with explanations of how they were derived.

I've tried to attribute them where I could.

If anyone has a problem with their contributions residing on another site, let me know.
I'm just trying to create an easier place to find and contribute lyrics.

Re: Re: New Yahoo group for cajun and zydeco lyrics

No problem as far as I am concerned (attributed or not does not matter). I will send you a few more that I have kept.


Re: Re: Re: New Yahoo group for cajun and zydeco lyrics

Excellent Christian. You could either post them to the site directly (you'd have to join), or send them to me at

zydeholic at yahoo dot com

and I'll post them. Just let me know how you derived the lyrics when you send them: transcribed from recording, copied from liner notest, etc.

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