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augusta feedback

Assuming I did not overlook reviews posted after augusta this year, anyone out there have any feedback to offer on their experience with intermediate/beginner's accordion classes this year in augusta? I will still probably go to balfa again in '06, but Augusta sure is tempting if you're receiving twice the amount of time in accordion lessons there - which i can sorely use.

Re: augusta feedback

I stepped back and took Charlie Terr (beg/int accordion) this year, after taking Paul Daigle (intermediate) for two years.

I was very glad I did. I got what I wanted, which was to learn components to build my own style, rather than someone else's style. And Charlie demo-ed versions from single finger up to complex.

Bring a video camera.

Balfa Week?


You attending Balfa Heritage week 2006?


Re: Augusta

Paul Daigle's class was great. He is in some ways advanced in teaching but he sits down with you until you've learned the songs. But, it's much easier class if you're actually in the intermediate to advanced ball park. For the first two years I went I took Dirk Powell, Ed Poullard, Wilson Savoy and Jason Frey. All were very informative and helpful. The past year I wanted to jump back a level because I wanted to learn some of Paul's style.

Charlie Terr, I have heard, is great for beginners if you feel you're in that ball park.

I'd also suggest finding someone with patience enough to show you some tricks and licks on the side. There will be some people who will be happy to help.


Re: Balfa Week?

Well, I haven't signed up yet, so I'm probably out of luck. I'd want more of a two person accomodations rather than the dorm, due to my allergies to fragrance products.

I don't know, I spent my first 27 years in Louisiana, so its not as big a deal to me to go there.

I've been questioning the expense lately too. I've been needing to cut back on my out flow.

So, I'm betting I won't make it.



OK, I understand ..

'twould be good to see y'all again :-)

(Actually, I haven't signed up yet either .. Yikes!)


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