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Re: Re: wood

I've heard from many people that the wood the accordion's made of makes no difference in the sound of the accordion, it's all in how the reeds are tuned and possibly the wood block that the reed plates sit in.

I'd say be careful of what wood you choose, idealy it should be sturdy wood, whatever you decide.

Good luck!


Re: Re: Re: wood

Thanks Jim.
Savoy's web site say just that.
I haven't decided yet between Koa or Cypress.

Re: Re: diet Kajan box

Mon Cher Mayor...

I don't understand why you would prefer a heavy instrument.

Weight is the one of the main factors contributing to the
playablity of the instrument. Next would be keyboard action
and then bellows construction.

Marc Savoy claims the exterior wood has no effect on tone quality.

My Gabenelli is a tank. It is far too heavy. It hurts my back.
I just want a lighter box.

Re: Re: Re: diet Kajan box

There are sturdy light woods out there, I just don't know of any. I'm not very familiar with alot of wood. It seems alot of the lightest popular woods are about 7 or 8 pounds (I forget which) per accordion.

I was gonna prank call a builder and say that I want one made of "Charles wood." However, I don't think they'd find any humor in it though!


Re: Re: Re: diet Kajan box

Italian makers will beg to differ and claim wood quality does influence tone quality. They are convinced Olive is the loudest wood and I tend to agree after trying one.


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