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Charm City Ramblers: Thursday, Jan 5

For those of you who live near the DC / Baltimore area, my Cajun band is playing a gig at the "Los Arrieros Restaurant." Date is January 5, 2006

Address is 7926 Geogria Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910.


Gig starts at 7:30, ends at 10:30 (unless we don't stop!)



That's cool. My brother used to live in Silver Spring (now he's in Olney).

I visit D.C. quite a bit, so please keep posting your gigs on the site. I'd love to see y'all live.

Also, my band, the Doc Marshalls, will be doing a gig in D.C., probably in Feb. That may be out of the way for you in you live in Silver Spring, but it would be great to have some bona fide Cajun fans/musicians in the audience.

Can you recommend any venues in D.C. besides the Black Cat?


Nick B.

Re: Re: BTW

Try Half Moon Barbecue in Silver Spring.

Re: Re: Re: BTW


Actually I live in B-more Maryland, about 40 minutes from Silver Spring and about an hour from some parts of DC.

Maybe I'll be in the area, what's the date of your gig?


Re: Charm City Ramblers: Thursday, Jan 5

Sweet! Maybe we will finally meet. I live in Germantown. Two skips from Silver Spring. I lived in SS in 1955. I don't remember much from 50 years back though. Jim, if I can make it, would it be possible to give your accordion a squeeze? I have only played a cheap box and my Le Capitaine. It would be nice to feel another La box.

Re: Re: Charm City Ramblers: Thursday, Jan 5


Of course my friend! I'll have my C and D Acadians and an A hohner with me.


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