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Re: France

I will say this.... You know quality when you see it. Wilson Savoy is every good style rolled into one.

I wish more people would like that style.... the Eunice, Louisiana style.

Re: France

I don't think you'll have a critical mass to make a chat room viable, unless everyone agrees to get on at 8pm or something like that.

Otherwise you'll just sit there typing "Hello, hello, bon jour....."

I have a couple of yahoo groups, with a few hundred people each. Someone wanted to start a chat room early on, and it never went anywhere.

Personally, chat rooms are one of the most annoying forms of communication I've ever seen.

Re: France

In Brittany (link #1) or in Burgundy (Saulieu), link #2).

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Was just wondering something else since I'm bored. Does anyone know the name of the city or town in France that wilson savoy usually plays in. And also, was wondering if there was a cajun music chat room or just a cajun chat room on AOL or if anyone plans on making one.

Re: Re: France

I agree Dwight..the chat style forum is a nightmare to follow..the message board format is much more civilised !!


Re: Re: France


Send me your email address. I need to send you a note.

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