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FBbEb Beltrami for sale

3reed/5 switch
Made by Claudio Beltrami
about 4 years old
Perfect condition, perfect tuning, a beautiful accordion

Handmade Antonelli Reeds
internal senheiser picups installed by Beltrami

It has only been played occasionally in the last 2 years as I have switched to chromatic and do not have time for it.
I paid 3100 new shipped from Italy.

straps and case included.

It currently has 2 push buttons custom tuned to allow for a complete chromatic scale on the low end.

This can be retuned on my end or yours with a reduction in price if you have your tuner do it.

I am also willing to consider a trade for a chromatic of equal value

2400 with shipping



Re: FBbEb Beltrami for sale

will trade two chromatics or a chromatic and cash for it Russ... Beltrami for me does the best job on internal details.. extremely precise and very clean.. I was up to see him last week.. he is getting more discovered and is only going to put out limited quantity from now on.


Re: FBbEb Beltrami for sale

I just wanted to put a word in to vouch for the quality of the instrument Russ is selling. I tried this one out at the Northeast Squeeze-In, and it was excellent. I'm not in the market for an FBbEb box, but I wanted to try it because I had never played a Beltrami. I think that the quality of this box is outstanding.

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