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New Years Eve Gig Songs

Our band has been given a gig at a local Pub for New Years Eve. This is a great venue for LIVE music and we're excited about the profile we'll get, as well as the potential for a lotta fun .
Our band plays Creole,Cajun, Zydeco, Blues and Swamp Pop..an ecelectic mix designed for the Aussie audience that's proving VERY popular. We have single row accordions ( C and Bb ) , piano accordion, rubboard, fiddle, keyboard and guitars.

Does any one have a suggestion for New Years Eve type songs....songs in French as well as English where we can utilise accordions ?

Darryl, Australia.

Re: New Years Eve Gig Songs

you can play auld lang syne as a waltz for a
little while, then break into a peppy
2 step.

i think beausoleil started this way back on some
old recording.


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