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Morelli accordion

Just bought a 150 dollar Morelli Cajun (chinese) box in the key of D just for sh*ts and giggles (just something to add to the 8 Cajun boxes I've already got).

Besides the initial flaws which I painstakingly almost fixed, the thing actually has a real nice old style sound. It is slightly wet tuned, but not drenched. Funny thing is, on the bass side the pull chord is tuned to it's tuned to a full A chord but the push is different. It's strange, maybe another flaw but I'm growing to like it.
On the push it has two reeds tuned in an octave and one tuned to another note in the D chord. Gives it a much different sound on the push, higher pitched, very interesting.

I wonder how long the bellows and other parts will last. I try all the time to never draw out too far, but it seems like the bellows are already worn in after 2 weeks of jammin with it. I know one thing for sure, I'll never bother to work on it, anymore!

Doesn't compare to my handmades in any way, but it's a fun little nice sounding accordion. I honestly would NOT recommend it to beginners though unless you have no other option financially. The learning process should feel as smooth as possible with a smooth box.


Re: Morelli accordion

that is a pretty cheap way to try
out another key.

usually the chinese boxes are all in c.


Re: Re: Morelli accordion

On the contrary, I have plenty of different key accordions anyway. I just wanted this cause I know I can play it, despite the quality. I actually like the sound of it, but for 150 dollars you can't expect much more, but the sound is good.

Even though I have good and mid grade accordions... Acadian C and D, Martin C (w/ salpas), Hohner 144s in C, G & A, Weltmesiter C, Regal Bb, the morelli actually has a nice sound to it for it's quality. Harder to play, of course, but has an older style sound to it.

Maybe I could play it for you over the phone, see what you think?

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