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Old Acadian D

Anybody remember that old black Acadian in D that was on E-Bay awhile back? Well, I just got it back from Marc, who tuned it, replaced a couple reeds, replaced the gaskets, and did some other minor housekeeping. He says it dates from the late '60s, though he didn't know who'd owned it. It's very funky - painted black, no inlay around the end panels (sorry for incorrect terminology), just a 1/8-inch wide strip of yellow tape, and copper buttons. It plays nice - the action seems quicker than my Martin - and it's much quieter (the Martin is the Cajun equivalent of a stack of Marshall amps), which makes the family happy.

Just thought some of you might be interested in its story. I'm happy it's old, love the way it looks, and tickled with the way it plays.

Re: Old Acadian D

It was nice to read your story about your new old accordion. I too have one from the late 60s and love the way it plays and sounds. This year I had Marc make one to replace it, one I could play for dances etc. and that I could count on for the next 35 years. The new one is wonderful- louder, stronger, more responsive, better looking (rosewood with all the inlay) but for playing around the house and with friends, I still grab old faithful.

Re: Re: Old Acadian D


Do you have a picture of it? I'd like to see this vintage box!


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