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larry english, Steve Riley, and KOC

Larry ..

You out there? I just had wanted to say how great
it was to be in Atlanta again to see Steve Riley
and finally get to say "Hi" to you face to face.

I'm starting to get to know a few people in the
Atlanta crowd from this board and the Balfa Cajun
week events, which is cool too!

Anyone else on this board attend the Dec. 3 Riley

I love their new material!


Re: larry english, Steve Riley, and KOC

hey mr big tom,

ya, i am here

the band was pretty good

dancing was pretty good

if anyone is wondering,
david greely;s hand/fingers are
still bandaged, looked like the little and ring

he was with the band for vocals, and he played
fiddle on one song that i noticed.

chris stafford, of feufollet, was doing a good
job on the other fiddle work.

and i;m still listening to 'big nick picnic',
latest from mr big..


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