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Re: Re: Excelsior Acadias are NOT Ariettes

I think you are right about the reeds standing up; the Gabbs are constructed that way, too.

Re: Re: Re: Excelsior Acadias are NOT Ariettes

well i am no accordion expert...but i do own an Excelsior Acadia...which to my knowledge is the only single row "cajun" accordion that excelsior makes....and having said that..this accordion doesnt look nothing like mine...if it did at one time, then it has been modded completely and i dont even think you could call it a excelsior anymore...also my acadia does not sound like that..it has no tinny sound at all.

here is a pic of my acadia


and here is a pic of the same excelsior acadia that accordion-o-rama sells for $1000(i price checked it last week)


Re: Re: Re: Re: Excelsior Acadias are NOT Ariettes

oops..i broke the link to my accordion....heres one that works....


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Excelsior Acadias are NOT Ariettes

Anyone who pays $1000 to Accordion-o-rama, please contact me, I have a nice bridge I'd like to sell ya! Nice 'n cheap!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Excelsior Acadias are NOT Ariettes

lol yea they went up a $100 since last year

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