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Madeleine lyrics - Zydeco Force

Has anyone got the lyrics to the Zydeco Force version of Madeleine? Their take on this song moves me, but I'm having trouble making out the French. I'm posting this on the lyric website, too. Thanks for any insights you can share.

Just sing the usual lyrics.

Which Zydeco Force version of Madeleine are you talking about? The older one that is all in a minor key, or the more recent one in which they modulate between major and minor? (Both ways are very cool for those of you not familiar with these recordings).

In any case, they lyrics they sing are only slightly different from the classic Cajun recordings of Madeleine. I learned the Balfa Bros. version long ago (or was it Nathan Abshire?), so when I got interested in the Z Force version, I just stuck with the lyrics I already knew, which are nearly the same anyway. The Z Force version is somewhat simplified.

But, if you really, really want the exact way Z Force does it, I could try to transcribe it for you. If I recall, Jeffrey mumbles it a bit, so there might be a word here or there that I couldn't get.


Re: Just sing the usual lyrics.

The lyrics to the Balfa version are quite a bit different than the zydeco version, to my ears. I can't hear any common words between the songs.

Yes, Jeffrey sounds like he's got two or three biscuits in his mouth while he's singing this one that Russ uploaded a clip for.

Re: Re: Just sing the usual lyrics.

Zachary Richard's version on his album, "Looking Back" are worth a listen -- Rick

Jeffery gave me his lyrics....

Jeffery sings:

Oh Madeline
Comment vah faire
Oh Madeline
Comment faire tout seul


Re: Jeffery gave me his lyrics....

Mind if I put this over on the lyrics site?

Re: Jeffery gave me his lyrics....

Kirk, That's the lyric! Thank you. Did you ever sell that 3-row you had at Augusta?

I'm thinking of listing it on ebay soon...

I still have the Gabbanelli 3 reed, 5 switch ruby red jeweled three row.
I'm thinking of listing it soon.

Glad to help out with the lyrics! I've had lots of help from Nicole and David and Christian,etc....


Still trying to get the lyrics Boozoo's Crying Waltz

I've been busting butt trying to figure out the lyrics to Boozoo's Crying Waltz.....

Listened to it tonight with a friend in our band that is pretty good with French. Got a few words...I think

Boozoo must of had a mouthful of Boudain...

Re: Still trying to get the lyrics Boozoo's Crying Waltz

Boudin! How you spell, you yankee.

Try posting it over on my lyrics group at:


though its best if you could upload a sound clip of the lyrics, or include a pointer to a snippet on some place like Amazon.com.

We've got at least one cajun speaker over there, but could use all the native speakers we can get.


Re: I'm thinking of listing it on ebay soon...

Kirk, what keys on the Gabbanelli? Also, any pickup system built in?

Gabbie in key of GCF

Hi Russ,
It's in the key of GCF, 5 switch, 3 reed, been tuned recently by Gabbanelli. Great sound.
It does have the jack installed and I do have a Shure mike from Larry Miller that I was going to put in my "extra" C single row. I could put it back in.

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