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anyone heard steve rileys new cd yet? if so, does it have more non cajun songs rather than more cajun songs?

Re: dominoes

You can get an idea on this link.
(It also seems to include a DVD, but I don't think it's my favorite Steve Riley-CD)

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Saw Riley this past year during Mardi Gras week in LA(I forget where, Willy drove). He's still laying down semi-Cajun style but he still has a poppy edge. Not my favorite style, but still a nice guy

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The CD is killer, pure and simple. As a bonus, the DVD shows his playing close up.

IMHO his is a master player and performer. On the cruise, we got to see him jam with Geno. Hearing and seeing him play John Delafose songs while Geno played drums was priceless.

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