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Re: Artwork added to G Hohner

How about a plexiglass cover for the stops and some UV green lighting on the inside, and maybe a skull graphic on the bellows.

Now you can join a cajun heavy metal band... or start one.

Hmmmm... seriously. It looks pretty cool. It is a departure from the normal brown or black boxes.

Re: Re: Artwork added to G Hohner

hoho haha! Novelty art my friend, just boredom and imagination

Re: Re: Re: Artwork added to G Hohner

Tee Tee, I also play traditional Cajun music.... Imagine that! Who would have thought?

Nuclear Cajun?

Aye laddie, that's a bold move!

What was the name of that group back in the 80's that billed themselves as playing Nuclear Polka? Anyway, now you can one up them with Nuclear Cajun.


Re: Nuclear Cajun?

Sure 'nuf! I always thought yellow on black looked real nice. I thought it looked symetrical I guess. The radiation stickers were kind of a joke and a way to catch people's eye when I take my cheap Hohner out for busking.

Stupid, but still fun. I am, after all, still a youngin' 26 (from Baltimore, no less) with no Cajun scene around here!



...the pronunciation in vogue at certain high levels of gumment.

Re: New-Kew-Lahr

The "Nuclear Polka" band is Brave Combo, from Denton, TX. They've integrated a hefty dose of cumbia and conjunto into their set these days, but still have a captive polka following.

Re: Artwork added to G Hohner

You could fly with this... tell 'em it's the "black box."

Oh wait.

You'd have to paint it orange.


...Perhaps if you built this large, wooden badger...

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