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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Pinstripe on the corners

Good site. Those who hate that style call it "style nouilles" (noodles style).

No I don't know him personally. Here is his website :


Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année à toi aussi.


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Salut mon vieux,

As you know, I'm originally from France, Paris to be exact!!!, and I was thinking, were I had seen these decorations before, no wonder .
I also could have added , in my post that Architecture was one of the many other avenues were this type of banners(?), or guirlandes(?) were used.
I also took the liberty of adding another link.

Merci for the link, et joyeux Noel.

BTW, are you in touch with Gerard Dole at all?.


Re: Re: Re: Pinstripe on the corners

Hi Claude,

I agree, they are historical -- art nouveau, just like you say -- and probably date back to times before any Cajuns knew what an accordion was!

I also agree that they are not 'pinstripes.'

If you look at ca. 1900 accordions, you see a lot of variations, and some that are much "finer" looking. Marcel Messervier Jr. has done a fine job in making his version of these finer decorations -- complete with naked nymphs!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Pinstripe on the corners


Naked Nymphs in La Belle Province, oh Heresy, oh sacrilege .
But it's true that the clergy, doesn't have it's original stangle-hold over the general "population" anymore, thank God.
Do you have pictures of Messervier Junior's handywork?.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Pinstripe on the corners

Hi Claude,

No, I don't have a picture of the Nymphs! Messervier Jr. was doing various designs, using a computer and making black decals that contrast with the light wood of the faceplates. The nymphs -- well, I don't know that they are really nymphs, it just fits the art nouveau theme, they might as well be called "naked ladies" -- were on a box that he made around 2002.

I've got some pics of Messervier boxes, but none that are close-up enough to see the patterns clearly. Anyone who wants to see one, BTW, can send me an email off-list.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Pinstripe on the corners

Hey Andy, here is a nymph for Claude :



Re: Pinstripe on the corners

...leave it to a bunch of accordion players to start a discussion of horses and end up talking about camels...

Re: Re: Pinstripe on the corners

Thanks, Mike for stopping these two scoundrels .


Re: Re: Pinstripe on the corners

Just a reminder, here was your question:
"Does this pattern signify something? Historical? Traditional?"

Re: Re: Pinstripe on the corners

Same style, but used in an original way for this builder in the Netherlands.


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