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Mint Martin in C on eBay

if anyone is looking for a MINT Martin in C .. I have listed one alongside my 9 Button Martin in C on eBay.. it is literally "like new ".


Re: Mint Martin in C on eBay

It looks great. I saw it today.

Re: Mint Martin in C on eBay

Glenn- What exactly needs "tweaking" on the 9 button Martin? I have a 10 button "C" (Cajun Special)made by Rudy Lejeune (Cajun Special) in Iota LA that needs the bass chord??? (left hand pinky) tweaked. It sounds weak on the push and vibrates and hums for lack of better terminology on the pull. I love the 9 button, ( have one in "D" by Larry Miller) small, light and loud.

Re: Re: Mint Martin in C on eBay

well.. I can't find the problem with it anymore ..! I thought it needed a new reed or adjusting ( badly settled ) new ventili or something. But the only think I detect now is a general tune up ... it is a great "road" box.. I Am selling one of my two C's because I just bought a new Falcon in C. Otherwise I wouldn't be selling either.!


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