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Looking for John Roger

Does anyone know how to reach John Roger? I've been contacted by a person who wants to discuss a new accordion with him, but she says that the phone number on his web site isn't working.
Is he recovering from the hurricanes?

Jim Meloche

Re: Looking for John Roger

I dont personally know how John faired through the storm but I do know several people that lived around him in Meraux and they lost everything that they owned. That area was one of the hardest hit . I drove through a few passable parts a few days ago and I can honestly say I had tears in my eyes. Nothing spells reality check better than driving someplace not more than 20 minutes from where you live and seeing something that pictures nor words can even begin to describe.

Re: Re: Looking for John Roger

Someone, maybe Roger himself, posted saying he had pretty much lost everything.

Mr. Meloche

Hi, I haven't seen you since Augusta 2003. You still playing?

Do you remember me? We drank some good wine you brought on Hallihurst.

Re: Looking for John Roger

I am a friend of John's.
He lost everything in the flooding.
He moved with his wife to Georgia.
They are in the process of buying a house there.

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