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Re: Hand made cajun box!!!!!.

To All,
I'd like to say to each of you who have posted to this thread, that is pleaseing to see that you each have managed to state your opinions and/or disagreements with respect and dignity toward each other, without anyone being offended.
You have shown that we can sometimes disagree but still have respect for each other.That's the way it should be .
And you know, I have to admitt that my first impression of the instrument in question was: it looks rough as a corn cobb, but after reading the different responses from Claude, I think I understand his view point a little better.
BTW, that "handtooled" leather strap on the bass box: looks like it might have been a mens western belt before it was cut and used as a bass box strap ( been there/ done that )

Re: Re: Hand made cajun box!!!!!.


I'd have to agree that the box looks clunky. It's true that some parts appear to have been handmade.....wait, could this be the first truly "hand-carved" Cajun accordion we've ever seen(!)

I am DYING to buy another box. It's really tough, though, to set aside $1500+. I wish I had played enough Falcons to see what the buzz is all about. The single key ones are up to $3000. No thanks.

On a side note, I recently played Jock Pottle's (Bosco Stompers in NYC) new Savoy D box and it was outstanding! I mention this b/c I'd heard rumors of a slip in quality in Acadians. I have no complaints about mine -- it's a tank that drives like a BMW -- but it's good to see that the workmanship is still up to par.

My next one will definitely be an A box -- either light-colored wood with metal buttons from Savoy or an all black w/metal buttons from Junior.

I dunno what it is, but the all black Junior boxes I've seen have such a sleek, classic look.

Keep squeezin', calice
Nick B.

Re: Re: Re: Hand made cajun box!!!!!.

I will say this, the box looks better than anything I could ever build. The bass side looks pretty comfy I must admit.

On to the subject of Acadian brand, I have one that's 2 years old and one that is 4 and they're both my favorites out of any box I've ever played. I've played on older Acadians and they are just as good, only difference I've noticed is the compression0 has improved on Acadians.

Keep in mind these are just my opinions, other opinions vary!

They're all good down there though, that's for sure. All the ones I've played are good.


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