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Re: What Kind of Wood is This? - Better link


Just remember that after you go to http://www.zacharyrichard.com/photoalbum.html , click the last hyperlink "Gallery Rapport Mensuel 2004". Then scroll all the way down to the bottom right photo.


Nick B.

Re: Re: What Kind of Wood is This? - Better link

looks like red pine..very nice

Re: What Kind of Wood is This?

150 YEAR OLD RED PINE TO BE EXACT. Check out WWW.SAVOYMUSICCENTER.COM, click on the group of accordions.

Re: Re: What Kind of Wood is This?


Thanks for the info, but it doesn't look red pine...at least the one on Marc's site which looks lighter.


Re: What Kind of Wood is This?


You might want to check out Jim Meloche's Red Pine accordion on meloche.net. I don't know if it's the same as the one you're looking at, but it definitely has a different look than the Red Pine box on Marc's website.

Re: What Kind of Wood is This?

Looks like cocobolo to me. Junior Martin built one from cocobolo and sent me a pic. Looks like the same wood.

Re: Re: What Kind of Wood is This?

Cocobolo, that's one heavy wood! very pretty though. I gotta admit, I'd never get one made of it cause it is very heavy.

Get yourself an Acadian while they're still around! That brand is my favorite so far. The tuning is spectacular. It's all in how he scrapes them reeds, sounds sweet to me. The compression is the best I've found so far too.

Re: What Kind of Wood is This?

Hi Nick,

Your original guess of Tulipwood is correct. I just spoke with Marc. He said that in this picture, the wood has darkened over the years, and that it's lighter brand new. Best of luck with your new box. Scott

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