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Re: Re: Traditional CD's

GSP 129, Turnpike 9.

Re: Re: Re: Traditional CD's

GSP 154 Turnpike 16W for me. Now live in FL.

Re: Traditional CD's

Thanks Gang! Found the Horace Trahan & Octa Clark CD's on Amazon and ordered them. Jeff

Re: Re: Traditional CD's

somehow i just cant picture joe falcon singing dat butt thing...

Re: Re: Re: Traditional CD's

different horace cd


Re: Re: Re: Traditional CD's

Horace seems to be better known for his zydeco than his traditional cajun songs. That is a shame, because though he did only one, it is one of my favorites and I rank him right up there with all the old time favorites.

Re: Re: Traditional CD's

My latest CD has some interesting "traditional" tracks on it...namely #4 Ton tit bec est doux (accordion, fiddle, guitar, triangle), #9 One step de Bashoot LeBlanc (same line plus snare drum and a washtub) #10 In the Pines #12 Dansez Codinne...also has two old contredanses (fiddle tunes)track#6...some of the tracks can be previewed at my site www.bayouroots.com....all of them can be previewed at CDbaby.com One of tunes mentioned above is original, the others are traditional...but not "over-recorded" (except for maybe "In the Pines")

Bayou Roots CD

I just visited your website, and listened to your song clips. I really enjoyed the sound.
Is your CD distributed in Canada?
On a different note, I noticed two "Broussard" on your band - they must be direct descendants of famous Acadien hero Joseph "Beausoleil" Broussard?

Re: Bayou Roots CD

I wouldn't doubt that Tim and Marty are descendants of "Beausoleil!"

The CD is not distributed through retail stores in Canada, although it is available through numerous online retailers as it is from my site--bayouroots.com. See also floydsrecords.com, CDbaby.com, louisianamusicfactory.com

Re: Re: Bayou Roots CD

Very, very good stuff! Bayou Roots is awesome! Gonna buy the CD next weekend -- I'll be in Lake Charles. Hey Chris, when Rockafeller reopens, let's go off-shore fishing. I'll make the shark courtbullion if you show me how to play the Calcasieu Waltz!

Re: Traditional CD's

206 N from 295 Btown. Now in FL

Re: Traditional CD's

Tee-Joe, where in FL? 4 & 98. Originally Trenton.
Jersey Joe, There is a gal from Lambertville on the Cajun Fiddle site looking for other like minded people to jam with. She has played down in the Pine Barrens.

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