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American to Cajun French lyric translation

Hello Braves!

I am interested with experimenting on a composition
written in American (note, I didn't say "English" ).

I would like to have the lyrics translated into
Cajun French because I think the language sounds
so beautiful, especially when sung.

I'm not too concerned about the meter or rhyme
after the translation.

Would anyone have any ideas on who, what, where I
could have this done via the WEB?

I would provide necessary financial compensation
as required!

I know that there are some nice free English/French
translators online , but I'd bet dollars to
doughnuts that I'd produce a laughable result using
a mechanical translation.



Re: American to Cajun French lyric translation

I wasn't sure if you meant software that can do this, but I think you need the human touch, the efforts of people who are interested in the language. The people at this discussion board would probably like to help:


They are forever translating and picking apart the language in a most impressive way. I think if you post your question there (no registration necessary), it will become a thread.

Re: Re: American to Cajun French lyric translation


Yes, thank you .. I was interested in a human
translation :-)

I'll try it.



Re: American to Cajun French lyric translation

Big Nick,
French being my mother tongue, I can give you a hand on that on a courtesy basis.
Having said that, the translation I would give you would not be to "Cajun French", but to standard French which is what is utilized for most Acadian and French Canadian songs (including Zachary Richard). I might be out to lunch, but I'm not sure if there's such a thing as translating in "Cajun French". I suppose you could substitute some words from the standard French to reflect some words that are unique to Cajun culture (i.e. crocodile for cocodrie) to give it a Cajun touch. I don't know how else.

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