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line in

has anyone ever heard of the line in recording studio in sulphur la?

Re: line in

Guess you are going to start another C.D and not finish this one either - lets see this makes about the third one you have started and not finished.You are going to run out of musicians pretty soon.By the way Mr.Floyd,from the music factory talked with me and said you have an appt. in Jan. to supposievely finish up the one you have started there.He knows that your parents are going to pay for it...What great parents you do have.

Re: Re: line in

how stupid is that? I cant belive you put anonymous when you put your email address. I know its evelyn bragging about how great parents and stuff i have when i really dont because if I did they would not put down a new girlfriend and cause a bunch of ruccuss and keep my accordian from me so I wont be able to play cajun music

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