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Re: Tis the season to get it straight and get it right in many ways

Dearest Mr.Dave,thank you from the bottom of my heart you are the very first person on here who seems to care and understand where I am comming from-when they disown you its' like you have no purpose in life.He is married and needless to say he is with another supposievely woman in the Sulphur,area and whats soo sad he has a beautiful little four year old daughter that lives with me - and cries and asks about him every day.Thank you for sharing and caring.May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

where you been??

Dave-- good to see you posting again. What tune you working on?


Re: where you been??

Hey Griff,
Several things... still working some tunes on the Creole side of matters.
Also, I am still doing some of the stuff that Steve Riley cranked out on that live CD in Bb and plugged into my thinking from a few years back... over and over it is still some wizzardry playing that moves me by this artist... and well I do love the Bb sound and feel. I have always enjoyed the Mamou Playboys three part harmony, it is a listening treat on the vocal end of matters while squeezing out the traditional style that they can play very well when Not kicking it with a contemporary twist.

But since Augusta, I guess have been very moved by the Creole artistry of Goldman Thibodeaux. It takes me back some. Nothing lavish as such, just good fun stuff, if ya know what I mean. We all know how syncopated and intricate Creole style can be.
Jolie Catin, Jolie Bassette, La Valse De La Prison and more... Amede' sorta came home in some ways at a time when it could have only been a Creole that inspired me... Mr. Goldman was a dandy find for me looking for instruction, what a great guy and his wife is as charming as can be.

Some good things happened (for me last summer) at Augusta, at a time when it seemed sorta bleek. Mr. Goldman sorta sensed it and set out to resurrect me through some old time stuff. It was what I needed, to keep plugging along and enjoying the accordion... it was magical and wound up us becoming a good friendship as a result.

Not all Creole mind you... there was also Mr. Harry Trahan. Honest to Pete Griff, I just dont know why it seems to be the old timers that have a way of touching my music and keep me forging forward.
Truth be known, as I was at Gribble Hall speaking with Ed Poullard (we were listening to Mr. Harry on accordion outside) I told him how much I enjoyed the sound of Mr. H.'s accordion, it sounded slightly wet (and it was)! I went on to have Jude work on my C box for a slight wet and it is fun to play and inspires me to evolve from miserable playing to ... well you know, somewhat easier to listen to HA.
So I went to the Dance is on the music card as well.
I am enjoying my new music room and getting more time to play now. Was doing a gob of remodeling since summer and the music room is a by-product of that activity, it is accordion friendly Ha... a good retreat and it gives Linda her space with out listening to my squeezing.

Griff you asked a simple question and got six months of activity in a book... You doing ok?


practice only makes it permanent...

Perfect practice makes it perfect...


Thanks for mentioning Goldman Thibodeaux... the disc he did with Mr. Carrier is one of the real treasures in my CD collection. As soon as I complete this self-imposed exile to reconnect on the basics ( sort of the equivalent in football to the two-aday drills) I will first thing pull out that disc and play along.

Dave I'll send you a note off-line soon.

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