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Forum Performers!

Listening RIGHT NOW to Chris Miller on KBON. There's something REALLY special about hearing spots and then tunes by our Braves! Jude, Cory, and others....

Re: Forum Performers!

Joanie, yep they are special folks.
I've had the pleasure of seeing many braves on stage doing what they love. Blair, Jude, Roland, Dana, David, Chris... even ole Dwight can mix it up. Each has varied styles it is true.. and multi instrument (beyond accordion)... they simply bump it up a notch and grow musically... that is exciting.

While Chris Miller is a huge multi-layer tallent, he and his wife have taken important measures to pass it on down to their children ... what great cultural insurance package this family represents to French Music and the mainstay of their culture.

Thanks Joanie ... it is a good time to recognize the work and dedication of Braves in this musical gathering.

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