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Re: Re: English Beat?

No, it is staying in English. I don't think it would matter much either way though. I remember loving that tune and I had no idea of most of the words.

And besides, there is little zydeco in French any more. I do WAY more French than is the norm, so an occasional cross-over isn't a problem.


Re: This might seem a little strange, but you asked!

No clips to listen too.

You're right - that is strange.

The clips were there when I viewed that page, and I even went back after I posted and the link worked. Must be some strangeness about Amazon.


Try this one from Barnes and Noble.

maybe this will work better.

Re: Try this one from Barnes and Noble.

You're gonna play hell saying Aiiiiyeeeee with a British accent.

Re: This might seem a little strange, but you asked!

Ah, the English Beat. Very cool. David, once you get this tune down you can dust off all your old Specials and Selector LPs - I bet there's loads of ska stuff that'd work with a triple row!

not too weird

Chris Ardoin's "Turn the Page" CD has got a funky ska break on "Stay in or Stay Out - Pass the Dutchie". I'm not sure what to call Buckwheats "Waitin' for My Ya Ya" except it reminds me of rock steady.

Got Toots right here, and the Specials too...only question is which to put on first :-)

Re: not too weird

New guy here! Great discussion.

Take a listen to Big Red (from Lake Charles); he mixes in some reggae with his CD as well as Sean Ardoin. My very idle band, The Comealongs, covered Peter Tosh's "Downpressor Man." I think there's a live clip of it on the website. I play triangle and sing it. Not tooooo weird! :D

Re: What tune are you working on?

Bosco Stomp or bust. I'm listening to Octa Clark's and Ray Abshire's versions over and over again. Definitely one of the tougher tunes I've ever attempted. Steve

Re: What tune are you working on?

What keeps me up at night? Monsters keep me up and that equates to ANYTHING on Jimmy Breaux's two solo discs. Those tunes reel through my head when I can't sleep. That guy is a monster.

Re: Re: What tune are you working on?

I am with you Rick, Jimmy Breaux's playing just knocks me out - an utterly amazing player. And such a good natured and unassuming guy too. I spoke to him once after a Beausoleil show, and told him how much I enjoyed his two solo discs. He actually seemed a little surprised that people knew about them, but genuinely pleased.


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