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A while back I was given directions to a site where I could learn a little bit on playing the accordion and also information on the "First Act" kids accordion. I had saved the information on my hard drive but the computer crashed and I had to get a new drive, so I lost everything. Any help on the site?

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I sent you an email.


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Try this site for beginner accordion information. Look under box lessions.

Good luck

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Try this site for beginner information. It works better if I include the web address.



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Thanks Dwight and RPr. Got to learn to save stuff on CD's.

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My son has two "toy" accordions, one is a First Act the other a "Child Prodigy". Here is some first hand info. Both have seven treble buttons but how they correspond to the 10 buttons on a cajun accordion is different. the first act has buttons 3-9 (1,2,& 10 missing). The C.P. has buttons 1-7 (8,9,10 missing). The first act has buttons like a real accordion while the CP has metal flapper/button combos. they break, I JB welded his flappers many times before getting him the First Act. A screaming 3 year old can make a grown man try just about anything. "FIX MY CORDION DADDY!!!" The first act is much better IMHO. More usable buttons and he hasn't been able to break it. he plays it every day, if i've got mine he's got his. I did have to replace the thumb strap on it but only cause i broke the original w/ my adult sized thumb.

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Toy accordion? Dude, that's no way to start

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Dude, He's 3

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Would you buy a Ferrari for someone who has never driven a car before to practice on? The concept of the Toy Accordion is to give a beginner a cheap learning and practice tool to see if they can learn to play the Cajun Accordion. I would rather spend and lose $20 on a toy then $300 to $1000 on something that I find I can not learn to play.
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