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Grand Opening of www.CajunMusicForum.com

Hello Folks! I would like to invite everyone to stop by my new cajun music forum at www.CajunMusicForum.com ....this is a place that i hope will build a community of musicians like here on the bravenet boards....informative, helpful and a place to preserve Cajun/Zydeco music..I've been kicking around this idea for a few months and finally decided to make it a reality... it is not my intention to try to steal people away from other sites, because i wont stop visiting these boards either.......however..it is my intention to offer another website to hangout at and enjoy the passion that we like best...Cajun music.

Why did i build this site?? Well...I'm a Forum/message board junkie :) ..I have been since 1994-95 back in the BBS(bulletin board system) days before the internet, i guess you can say forums are a hobby of mine, on a daily basis i visit a total of 15 of my favorite boards and i thought this would be a great way for me to give something back to my culture and in some small way help preserve it...also i thought it will be fun to do, a great way to learn to play accordion and immerse myself in cajun music since i am a displaced cajun.

CajunMusicForum.com is FREE for anyone that wants to register a name , it is totally non-profit and is financed by me with the help of a long time friend who maintains the server. The forums will feature the Cajun accordion, Cajun & Creole fiddle, tabs, lyrics, gallery ,General discussion, off-topic and for sale/trade boards....with more that can be added or changed as it grows. I do fully realize that people are what make a forum, without contributors they are just empty spaces in cyberspace. so I invite anyone who would like to contribute to stop on by and help build a place for everyone to enjoy. Keep Squeezin' and Thanks for your time.

Chad Hebert

Re: Grand Opening of www.CajunMusicForum.com

That sounds like a great idea Chad.
I will sign up to it.
Bonne chance et longue vie à ton site!

Re: Grand Opening of www.CajunMusicForum.com

Registered and posting! But I will continue to visit this board of course.

Not much new at npmusic.org these days. Working on improving my writing, etc.

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