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Cajun tunes in Standard notation for button accordion

I am looking for Cajun tunes in standard notation
arranged for cajun accordion. So far I have found
nothing arranged for button accordion.

I have the big yellow book, Ye Yaille Chere and
a couple of Mel Bay cajun fiddle books. All are
arranged for fiddle.

There are a couple of piano accordion cajun books
that are, IMO, not useful for button accordion.
(Cajun Spice/Cajun Dance Hall)

I am trying to learn to play double and I think
it would really help me if I had a good transcription
in standard notation of how the tune is played
double on the button accordion.

I would prefer notation that is written using two
voices for doubles. Stem up for upper octave,
stem down for lower octave. Like classical
guitar music.

Does this exist?

I know most Cajuns learn by ear. I do learn tunes
by ear. But, being a classically trained multi-
instrumentalist, I will learn the tunes much faster
if I can find them in standard notation.


Re: Cajun tunes in Standard notation for button accordion

got a few on this link


Re: Re: Cajun tunes in Standard notation for button accordion

I think that reading charts, even if they exist will not make you a cajun or zydeco player. This is first and foremost dance music that is mostly improvisational. Once you get the basic melody, what makes the songs are the embellishments that the player adds which differ with each player, and differ every time you play the song depending on how you feel etc. If you could just get out to see some players and jam you would get it much faster than by trying to find charts and learning by rote. JMHO, and I like you am still trying to learn and trying to get out and jam. I will be heading down to La. for New Years and I hope to get to the Savoy jam Sat. morning on the 31st, but I will be out at Roy Carrier's Offshore Lounge the night before so I may not be able to get there.

Re: Re: Re: Cajun tunes in Standard notation for button accordion

I agree with Johnny. I think that learning the "notes" should come second, after learning to play a song's rhythm. I try to learn the rhythm pattern of a song, tapping it out on one button (or the steering wheel), trying to interalize it, before playing the melody notes. I have a decent ear, and can usually find the notes, but it makes a big difference if I understand and feel the rhythmic structure first. Then I know where to place those notes in the most musically effective way.

Re: Cajun tunes in Standard notation for button accordion

Whatever happened to Gary Kaluzny's page???? I would have loved to see what was up there

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