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Part time lover anyone?

Anyone have the basic push/pull for Part Time Lover or... heck any number of kieth frank tunes ?
Im trying to get all kinds of stuff to sink in to my brain and find great suggestions here...but it sure aint getting much easier..

Re: Part time lover anyone?

good luck
no one writes most of that down
if you can;t figure it out yourself
you won;t be all that much of a player.
not that i am
but i did learn it all myself..
what i know.

there are a few instructional things
but no one is going to sit down and write
out all the songs for you.

it;s just part of your job.


Re: Part time lover anyone?

Ain't that the truth. I was talking to Sean Ardoin about learning to play and he said that the way he and his brother Chris did it was to sit in a room and play over and over and over and over etc. etc. It's like football. Everyone wants to go out in the fall and be a football star but very few are willing to go to football practice in August so they can make the team. I think the best way to improve is get hold of a drum machine, program in a basic Zydeco, Waltz and Two Step, crank it up and just work on it. The drum machine won't ever stop no matter how many mistakes you make. Before you know it, you will make less mistakes and be able to keep it going.

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