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Calling Rick Reid

Hi Rick,

I saw on your posts a link to your band's website - nice site! I just got done listening to all the tunes, and I liked what I heard. It seems like the songs are mostly original, is that true?

So you are short a bass player at the moment? That's too bad. I know that feeling all too well. We are not in the same neck of the woods, but if I was, I would try out for the bass job. Your style of music is right up my alley (well, one of my alleys). I play bass in a little trio, and when people ask what we play, for lack of a better word I tell them it's "Rowdy Texas Music". Our lead singer and acoustic guitar player is originally from somewhere around Dallas (I think), and I was originally from Corpus Christie. Our lead guitar player is from Virginia, but we let him hang around with us anyway. Oh yeah, our name is "Road To Ruin".

Sometimes I take them down the zydeco road a bit on my triple row, but my serious zydeco work is with Bennie and the Swamp Gators.



Re: Calling Rick Reid

David, et al,

Thanks for the kind words regarding the ComeAlongs. We are not only short a bassist, but extremely idle. I'm waiting for the paramedics to arrive to jump start us again! The problem is with the CAs is I'm just the accordion player and not the leader; so I bend my style to fit their county/bluegrass/Americana stylings. It's been a challenge to say the least as I love to play in a traditional style on the box. I've definitely brought the Louisiana influence into their mix and they've warmed-up to it.

My dream would be to put together a band much like many of you in this forum -- a more authentic and traditional sort of band that showcases Cajun and zydeco tunes. Hats off to Chris Miller; he's the genuine article!

Additionally, like several of us in this forum, I'm not from Louisiana :| but I've been very connected with the music and culture of southern Louisiana for many years. So I share the love and respect of the music and culture from the outside looking in. I'm certainly not here to toot my own horn; I've stumbled on this forum to learn more and share what I've discovered about the Cajun accordion that I love so much.

That said, I've been promoting zydeco on the airwaves here in Dallas TX for over 13 years. I've been doing a weekly one hour show on KNON 89.3 FM under the alias, "T-Richard" with The Louisiana Music Party; Mondays 9 to 10 PM, right after Leo Perron's Cajun Hour. So those of you who would like tune in via the internet, log on to www.knon.org on Monday nights and get an earful of C&Z while you make your pot of red beans and rice! I'm grateful to have found this forum and to make some friends along the way!

Diatonically yours,


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