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Re: Cajun Honky Tonk and Floyd's Early Singles

Neal, do you happen to have the Old-Timey LP, The Early Cajun Years (or something like that)? It has the comedy record "Mayor Of Bayou Pom Pom" sides 1 & 2. I heard this a long time ago and I'm trying to find it again.


Inspiration, my muse

This year a whole lot of my inspiration has come from the most wonderful person I know. She plays classical and Irish fiddle, she makes me laugh, she's intelligent, beautiful and more.

So close, yet so far.

Re: Your musical discoveries this year?

Two artist... Mr. Walter Mouton and Mr. Jimmy Breaux. They are clearly a standard to measure by.

Re: Your musical discoveries this year?

I discovered Gerard Dole's Francadian songs lately on:


I love them all


Who could tell me more about Mr Dole ? Where can I buy his records ?

Re: Re: Your musical discoveries this year?

Gerard Dole is from France. He recorded five LPs for Folkways. If I'm not mistaken, the original Folkways was owned by Moses Asch. Somewhere along the way, he donated his entire collection to the Smithsonian with the provision that all of the recordings, no matter how limited, would be available for purchase from Smithsonian Folkways.

I believe that Gerard Dole was also involved with a number of additional Cajun recordings for Folkways. They are really quite good. You can order all of them from Folkways. They may cost a little more (not too much more) because for most of them, they have to make you copies; but they are of very good quality.

Gerard Dole also made a field recording with Moise Robin that I'm pretty sure that you can purchase from somewhere in Europe. I was looking for it a couple of years ago and could not find it anywhere; so I contacted him. He told me where I could purchase it in Europe, and I did.

If you are interested in other kind of music, Smithsonian Folkways also has more great recordings. I just bought a recording by Tommy Jarrell, Frank Bode, and Paul Brown (You can listen to him on NPR most every day after Pete Bergeron's radio program on KRVS.) that is terrific. I also bought another CD by the late Gordon Tanner, the son of Gid Tanner (One of the original Skillet Lickers). Really rare stuff!

Anyway, I gave the Folkways website above.

Good luck.

Jack Bond

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