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Anyone here HTML literate?

I'm trying to figure out how to put an MP3 on a myspace page so the song comes on when people visit the site. Anyone know the HTML code line to accomplish this?



Re: Anyone here HTML literate?

You should go under the discussions page and click on the one that deals with customizing your personal page. They have a few really tech savy people that follow that board that would probably be able to answer your question pretty quickly.

Re: Anyone here HTML literate?

You will have to "host" the music on some permanent site in order for everyone to hear it when they accress your page.

The html code then would be similar to this:

Coding is:
Background sound source equals
home1.gte.net/marco (is the hosting site)
riley3.wav (is the song)
loop means it plays continually

Hope this helps.

Re: Re: Anyone here HTML literate?


The html code didn't show...it just imbedded itself to play the song!

bgsound SRC="http://home1.gte.net/marco/riley3.wav" LOOP="infinite"

This code should have < at the beginning and > at the end....

Freakin' Smart Alecky Computers!

I should have previewed the message BEFORE I posted it!

Joanie, you're a genius!

Thanks a mil. Joanie! I used to know HTML back when I was fifteen but 11 years later have forgotten. I'm slowly recalling some of these things. Thanks again


Re: Anyone here HTML literate?

Jim Pettijohn,
Sounds good but right now it clashes with KBON. Have you ever heard of Tom Nickles? Not sure where I downloaded the song from but it is about 1:20 min and is a great little 2 step accordion number. Have it on my MP3 20 times in a row so I can practice it on my Toy.

Re: Re: Anyone here HTML literate?

Never heard of Tom Nickels. He a box player?

Happy Holidays


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