Welcome to old and new friends who are interested in discussing Cajun and other diatonic accordions, along with some occasional lagniappe....



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Nebraska memories...

Sounds like an interesting mix with the Mexican and Texican thrown in. I keep wanting to book a Cojunto player for our little Opera House in Central New York, but I can't figure out who would show up to listen except me! The seasonal apple pickers wouldn't get the word.

All you had to do was type "stockyards" and my nose twisted up! In Bellevue, we all new when the wind shifted, especially after a summer rain

Re: the accordian and other music

I think that's fine. The 10 button accordion was used throughout the South probably before Joe Falcon got hold of one (though I'm not sure). Leadbelly played blues on the single row he called the "wind Jammer" before he picked up the guitar. Quebec musicians like Bottine Sourillante play it as well as Irish players like Johnny Connelly. Louisiana musicians put their wonderful twist on how to play the instrument and created a unique style around it, but it didn't originate in Louisiana. I've used the single row in Rock, Blues even Brazilian Forro. It works everywhere.
It may not be Cajun, but it's all good.

Re: the accordian and other music

A good musician can jam with anyone. I have heard
Bach on a 5 string banjo and Bluegrass on a hammered ducimer.

There is a local dance band that uses button accordion, fiddle, bass, guitar and electric keyboard. They can keep the crowd going all night.


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