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Re: Mardi Gras in La

Half the fun's trying to squeeze every thing in. Definitely will be stopping at DI's for one of each on the menu. Try to catch Ray Abshire, Lost Ramblers, Pine Leaf Boys, and a host of others somewhere. And of course, keep my eyes open for any jams going on.

Re: Re: Mardi Gras in La

as good as DI crawfish are, there are dozens of places as good... and some might even say bettah! It really depends on where you are gonna be when the crawfish craving goes outta control.

In Lafayette, where there is non-stop mardi gras action you can go to Sonnys on Amb Caffrey, Dwights on Johnson, or on the other end of town try Gator Cove just past the airport on Evangeline (behind Henderson BBQ) or get em to go at the place on the Northbound side of Evangeline just between the downtown and the strip up to i-10... their boil is awesome.

In Opelousas there are many places boiling and I would try any of them, but I gotta say that the place just across 190 from the Yambilee Hall (Corner of 104) has the biggest crawfish i ever saw in my life. During crawfish fest last yeat I got a 5 lb bag to go and there were only like 30 crawfish in there!

In Carencro, Pauls Pirogie is hard to beat. Paul has his own secrets, seems to get the biggest crawfish earlier than anyone else, and just ask for cajun mayo with them... you will not believe it.

Just want to add that my opinion of the best all-around restaurant is Lafayettes on K-Saloom in Lafayette. Awesome grilled fish with etoufee on top and salads to die for (yes salads--- uncommon in Louisiana). Don't be put-off by the "outback" look... it is great! Oh and BTW... the crabs & crawfish at Randols (right nearby) are less spicy than the others and often appeal more to tourists... and every night they have live cajun & zydeco!

It ain't Joisey!

Re: Re: Re: Mardi Gras in La

Hummm ... let's see now.
Foti's Oyster Bar in St. Martinville is among my fav.
it is a short hop from Breaux Bridge. The crop of crawfish should be prime season then and those Creole women sure know how to serve em up. Usually, the Romero brothers are just across the street in the Gazzebo playing for folks hanging out at the museum along the Bayou there... These old timers are a hoot and I really had a great time visiting with them and hearing the stories of old as well as playing some dandy accoustic.

You can also check out Mitch Reeds joint for a Saturday Jam session (Gloria Switch Rd. I believe) in Laffayette... It's quaint and a pretty good draw of musicians including Lisa's Dad (Mr. Harry Trahan).

Oh yes... Bubba Fry's is a food joint that Kirk Menier took me to... it's out in the country a short ways (N. West of where you will be not too far)... good food, music the way it oughta be and a time that will burn a dandy memory into your thinking.

Humm.. I have some travel vouchers and may very well spend em up the same month there in La. and Tx.

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