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need lyrics to the 99 year waltz

been gone for a while, seeing doctors and trying to play the accordion.need lyrics to the 99 year waltz in english. oh hi dwight i will call you later.thanks for your help guys on the 99.back later.

Re: need lyrics to the 99 year waltz en français s.v.p.

Me too I'm looking for them, but en français s'il vous plait.

Re: Re: need lyrics to the 99 year waltz en français s.v.p.

That one isn't on my lyrics site yet, but you might ask someone over there too. I think there's a few folks who aren't members of this list.

Re: Re: need lyrics to the 99 year waltz en français s.v.p.


Look here. It might have been shifted a bit towards conventional french though.


Which 99 Year Waltz are you looking for? Several songs go by this title.

The best known is perhaps Convict Waltz as done by Iry LeJeune, which adapted Amede Ardoin's Valse a Abe.

Oh, moi je m'en vas, con****e pour quatre vignt dix-neuf ans
C'est juste rapport aux paroles toi, t'as dit qui m'a fait soufert aussi longtemps pour ca

Oh, tout les soirs
Moi, je me couche avec des larmes dans mes yeux
C'est pas de toi, bebem je m'ennuuie autant
C'est des chers enfants j'connais qui miserent

Oh, tite fille c'est pas la peine
Tes menteries vont rester sur ta conscience
La verite va peut-etre te fair du mal
Mais quelqu'un va toujours te recompenser


I'm going, condemned for 99 years
It's just because of the words you told me
That make me suffer so long for that

Every night I go to bed with tears in my eyes
It's not you I miss so much
It's my dear children, who are in misery

Oh, my dear, it's no use
Your lies will stay on your conscience
The truth may hurt you
But someone will always pay you back

The transcription was in Ann Savoy's book and I did my best to translate it.


Another song called 99 Year Waltz was done by Milton Molitor with Austin Pitre. Was that the one you were thinking of?

The filter won't let me post con****e


last line

The sense of the last line is better with "There is someone who will forever pay you back."

Re: last line

Neal, do you mind if I put this over on my lyrics site?

Re: Re: last line

Dwight, you can go right ahead.

Re: Re: last line

thanks, the ann savoys version will do just fine. now if i can get my do re mes together i will try and sing while i play, that should be fun.

Ossun Two Step in French too?

Thanks a lot neal.

Do you happen to have Ossun Two Step in French too?


Re: Ossun Two Step in French too?

Which Ossun Two Step? One is by Amede Ardoin and it's instrumental. Another is by Joe Falcon but I thought it was called just Ossun. Another instrumental is by Lawrence Walker and others, though on the Lawrence Walker 45 it was called Opelousas Two Step.

I don't have the lyrics to the Joe Falcon version.

Re: Re: Ossun Two Step in French too?

I'm not sure which version. I thought I had heard a version with lyrics, so I assume it was the Falcon one.

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