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A couple of weeks, I picked this CD: Cajun Dance, by Music Rough Guide (see link above).
It contains a selection of various bands including Steve Riley, Jambalaya Cajun Band, Beausoleil, Zachary Richard, Magnolia Sisters, Feufollet, Hadley Castille, Balfa Toujours, Mack Manuel/Jesse Legé & Lake Charles Ramblers, Bruce D'aigrepont, Dewey Balfa/Marc Savoy/D.L.Ménard, Balfa Brothers, Savoy Family Band & Donald Thibodeaux & Cajun Fever.

Pretty good CD overall for this CD that is suppose to provide the listener with an introduction to Cajun music.
Having said that, I a little disappointed by some inaccuracies contained in the little booklet inside that attempts to describe the bands the translation of some French words, as well as the history of the Cajuns.

A few examples in case:

1. On BEAUSOLEIL: The booklet refers to this word as "good sun", and a fertile region of Nova Scotia (???). A) There is no such region in NS called Beausoleil. B) BEAUSOLEIL is "Joseph Beausoleil Broussard", a legendary Acadian hero, and was to the Acadians what George Washington was to the Americans.

2. On the origins of Acadians in Nova Scotia: Referring to the influence from the indigenous "Mimac" population (versus Mi'kmaq)...
Referring to the "Grand Dérangement" of 1755, and suggesting that the Acadians were put on ships bound for Louisiana... They were actually shiped and scattered all over the New England coast, Caribeans, France & England, and it's only after wondering around for approximately 8-10 years that many Acadians took refuge in Louisiana. By 1763, many families also decided to re-establish themselves in what is now Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia in the Atlantic provinces, what constitutes today "l'Acadie du Nord".
Despite the above, I would highly recommend that CD for its good diversity of Cajun artist and good sound quality.


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