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Happy New Year to all:

Well hope this new year will be great for all- If all goes as planned.We are adding a jam room to our home.And are looking forward to our first big jam scession.All musicians' are invited.We will let you all know more when it gets closer to the big day! Just to let everyone know it is in the Port Arthur area all are invited - but I also know there is a lot of talent here in our city.Just bought a new Fiddle today for the jam room it is a beauty.May you all be blessed with a joyious New Year.

Re: Happy New Year to all:


What a great idea, .i.e, the jam room!

I'd love to attend. (I really would.)
Unfortunately, it's a 1181.47 mile drive
for us, one-way

Here's wishing you and yours a *SAFE* and
happy New Year!


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