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Re: Re: John Delafose - See Somebody Crying

Not the single row, but I could be wrong!

A few years ago, I wondered the same thing,and I think it's played on a PA, perhaps on a 3 rows .
Remember, he played the Pa as well.
They're too many sounds and notes in his rendition for a single row to acheive. but I think one could fake some of the notes but not the sounds.
If you lessen to Nathan Abshire playing Blues on a single row and the way Delafosse plays that tune you'll notice the difference of sound immediately.

This tune is one of the first I tried to play on the single row.

Lovely Blues.


Re: Re: Re: John Delafose - See Somebody Crying

I'll proceed with it and see what happens.

Those slow blues are difficult, not because of the notes you have to hit, but the ambience you have to achieve, and achieve SLOWLY. No screwing the pooch and then quickly off to the next lick. It just hangs there for all to hear.

I agree, it's not on a single row.


I think you are right, it is either a triple row or piano accordion.

It just doesn't have the single row sound for one thing. Also, it is played in the key of D, which would have required an A single row, but those would have been extremely rare in the mid 1980's when that was recorded. I have not tried to play it myself, but I think you are also right that there are notes used in the song that wouldn't exist on a single row.

If it was a triple row, it would have had to have been a G-C-F, played on the pull key of the outer row, which is D. But the playing style is so smooth that I think it is more likely to have been a piano accordion. I will have to try it on the triple row myself to see how it might go.

I know this song from one of Boozoo's mid 1980 recordings. That was definately on a triple row. I kinda like Boozoo's version better. I used to play it a long time ago - it might be fun to pull it out again.


Re: John Delafose - See Somebody Crying


This could? be the same song that Leroy Thomas sings on his latest, and IMHO best, CD " Right Now is PrimeTime " and the song is called " I Know Somebody's Cryin' "...trying to get it right on my single row Bb box..it's a bit tricky but the notes are all there....GREAT song..slow Blues tempo.
I don't play triple row so can't comment if it'd be better on one of those beasts!

Lyrics are:

I know somebody's cryin',
Then they cryin' just for me,
I know somebody's cryin',
And they cryin'just for me
Ooh no matter what happens darlin'
I will always, always love you.

I know somebody's talkin,
And they talkin' bout me,
O know somebody's talkin'
And they talkin' about me,
Oooh no matter what the people say baby,
I'll keep on, keep on lovin' you.

etc etc.

Darryl, Australia.

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