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Re: Happy New Year Folks! Ahh Steve Riley , lets talk.

Yeah that CD somewhat reminds me of and infussion of rock opera with a squeeze box. Steve gave me a promo copy of that CD a few yrs back. While I am a big S.R. fan (and student of his sound, among others) I think the greater part of what I enjoy is that his french and voice just seems to get better and better.
Who am I to evaluate? Well, nobody really, but I do gravitate to what moves me and what does sell a crowd (in some ways).

The Bayou Ruler CD of itself, seems to really inject this psuedo Cajun Rock Opera sound with a story line.

Many I have talked with say it is a set back or abandonment of his traditional roots. While it is traditional (as we take traditional) it is somewhat of a flirtation with tallent and pushing the envelope of sound that is competing with a bunch of progressive rock overtones. Huh?? what the heck is this boy talking about (you may wonder).

Electric Light Orchestra perhaps a bit of Moody Blues and a bit of Bat Out'a Hell (meatloaf in some wierd way) with a squeeze box wired in... who can say?
All I know is that I am dazzeled by the vocals that seem to improve with the years (because the accordion is always in the picture). As for traditional, he can play fine traditional, as most everyone will agree. Among the finest weeks of instruction I have had, was with S.R. ....the patience of a saint and personality that is old southern and yet a progressive thinking travel
er with a host of stories to speak to.

What is your favorite S.R. CD and or Track(s)??

Nonc D

Re: Re: Happy New Year Folks! Ahh Steve Riley , lets talk.

Steve and his band were the original 'hook' that drew me to this music. Anything he has done has been the result of fine musicianship and talent--albeit down a new road or diverging path from the traditional music.

My most enjoyed tracks of his however are his performances with others. I have a recording of he and Marcia Ball closing an old 'Prairie Home Companion' episode that rocks and brings tears to your heart, his work with Octa Clark (go to Neal's web site for some examples if the copyright wars didn't nick them) and all the work he did on Jimmy Breaux's second disc give me the shivers. This guy is a hard worker and let's others shine with him.


Re: Re: Re: Happy New Year Folks! Ahh Steve Riley , lets talk.

my favorite steve riley and the mamou
playboys recording - live at the eunice VFW, 1994.

it just flows.

plus that night there were a million
people from atlanta in the audience. it was
a festivals acadiens weekend, and all the
atlanta people went out to eunice,
and they were recording. he talks about it,
you can spot half a dozen in the
picture inside the cd. i was ALMOST there
that night..!


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