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chirping reed

I have a reed on the left hand side chord button on the push that 'chirps'. Is this something I can fix or does this require professional attention?

Re: chirping reed

Chirps when the button is not being pressed, or only gives a short blip when it is being held open?

Re: Re: chirping reed

Chirps only on push and throughout the duration of the push of C chord. Could almost be called a chirpy buzz. This is my new Bon Cajun box so I'm eager to solve the problem, I want to play this instrument.

Re: Re: Re: chirping reed

If it's new from Larry Miller, I am sure he will be happy to help you with this for free.

Be careful

I had that happen to me once. Since it's on the push, it's side of the reed exposed on the inside of the accordion. Unless it has something to do with the leather on the opposite side.

I did this very carefully. I used a sturdy piece of paper thin enough slip it beneath the reeds to clean out whatever is blocking the vibration of the reed. Since there are three reeds per bass / chord I didn't feel like isolating the problem so I cleaned each one out.

It's very simple, I do it all the time but you must be careful.

Re: Be careful

If this does not fix it, the accordion definately nees to go back to Larry. Could be a faulty reed. This is very rare but it does happen.

Re: Re: Be careful

There are miracles, my chirping reed was cured as I was trying to demonstrate it over the phone for another player. It is valuable to know that a bit of material can cause this problem.
Thanks for all the help.

To Leslie

Is your bass side still working ok?

I meant to ask, what kind of temperature was the room you played in when this chirping occured? 4 years ago when I first got my handmade (Acadian) it was ice cold coming out of the box and being naive I played it without letting adjust to room temperature. I got some serious chirps out of the thing.


Re: To Leslie

The problem has fixed itself. I was trying to demonstrate the chirp over the phone to an accordion player in Chicago and it didn't chirp and hasn't since then. Go figure. There was probably something in the reed as you suggested. I live in Wisconsin and it is cool in my house, 65 or so. I have not been so foolish as to bring it in from the cold and play in a warm moist house without allowing it to reach room temperature in the case. It hasn't been out of the house since it got too cold to play on the porch. It lives in a room in the case along an inner wall away from the drafty windows with two other boxes.
Thanks for your help.

Re: Re: To Leslie


Be sure to keep em away from the radiators too! Cheers

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