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Re: Re: Re: Re: Music discoveries of the NEW year

Like I said, I've only been to one but what a time. The only one that didn't have a good time was the pig. But, man, the sausage, the pork meat, the hogshead cheese, the "fess de cochon". Man that was some good.

Unfortunately, I was raised by strict Christian parents (no negative comments about Christianity, please) so I kinda had limited access to my grandpa's side of the family (which was part of the culture). I did miss alot of the barbeques and boucheries because my mom feared the "beer drinkin" and the "cussin" would corrupt me and the ones I did attend, my mom watched me like a hawk and wouldn't let me get to close to the crowd because I'd pick up a new bad habit or cuss word. Go to a dance hall, FORGET IT! "those people are all drunks. All they want to do is drink, sin, and cuss.", well, true, but not as horrible as my mom made them out to be. Now that most of those "good ol days" are gone, I miss them dearly. Yeah we have barbecues and get-togethers, but it ain't NUTHIN' like it used to be, not like you see in those videos.

By the way, just watched both films again today.

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