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Ray Abshire

So, my wife wanted to get the new Ray Abshire CD for me as a Christmas gift. She checked Amazon and was told the delivery date would be after Christmas.

She then went to Ray's website and sent an email inquiring about delivery time. She went on to tell him that we had seen him at the KOA in Atlanta and that this would be a gift for me.

Ray himself answered her email and told her that he would make sure it shipped as soon as payment was received.

When it arrived, well before Christmas, my wife opened the package and found that he had taken the time to autograph the CD to me personally.


Find another "popular" artist who would do that.

I'm listening to it right now (for the hundredth time) and I gotta tell you, if you don't have it, GET IT!

Re: Ray Abshire

ray is a first class act. willing to share the culture and music with those of us who don't live in SW louisiana. i learned more about the heart and soul of Cajun music when i joined he and Mr. Leo Abshire (whom i miss dearly) one night at Randol's dance hall. he is a dear friend and musical mentor.....

ray plays the music on his terms and because of that makes no concessions. and takes no prisoners!! and he is the rare accordion player with a fiddler's sensibility (yes, spoken by a fiddle player.....)

Re: Re: Ray Abshire

Well said! Truth is that an accordion player would be nothing without the accompaniment of the other instruments.

Re: Ray Abshire

I totally agree...Ray Abshire is a class act and probably
my favorite cajun accordionist...I have played his
first CD so much its probably going to go flat...now that I
got the second one, I will give it a little rest./

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