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Re: Re: Re: Re: Come see my Cajun band tomorrow!


Off course,Larry is right,in my haste in trying to humor you ,I forgot to congratulate you, go get them Tiger.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Come see my Cajun band tomorrow!

I know you're humoring me, I'm used to Interweb humor ;)

How did the gig go Jim?

How did it go?

Re: How did the gig go Jim?

Went great Maz, awsome turnout. I could use a little less Data Entry and more accordion playing. My tendons were in a flaming uproar last night.

Thanks for askin' :)

Re: Re: How did the gig go Jim?

Tell me about the tendons. And its worse if you're a dancer too. Holding your partners weight with the same arm that's gyrating all those buttons on the accordion on other nights is a recipe for pain.

I'd only played for 45 minutes at a stretch before our first gig. Then I had to play two sets at 1:15 each.

I was sore. Still am.

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