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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cajun accordion tuning for Irish/Quebecois playing?

i called savoy's shop last week when i was doing price checks and this lady answered the phone.....i ask her if they would retune an accordion from wet to dry ...she asked if it was made my marc and i said no..its a martin... and she says " oh no marc doesnt have time to do other people's accordion's anymore..he's real busy"

The one I heard was an Acadian

So that doesn't contradict the idea that he's not interested in tuning instruments made by others.

Anyway, it was a nice tuning job to my ears, which are exposed to Quebec music may 10% of my listening time.


Re: The one I heard was an Acadian

Steve: Exactly -- he doesn't tune instruments that other people built.

I agree, Marc's version of Quebecois tuning is very sweet sounding. Years ago I used a tuning meter to figure out exactly how it (the one I had from him) was tuned).

Re: The one I heard was an Acadian

i wasnt trying to contradict anyone..just stating what was told to me last week

Re: Cajun accordion tuning for Irish/Quebecois playing?

__. Larry Miller made a 1 row/ 10 button in D for me. I asked hime to tune it to a formula that Normand Miron had given me. Basically, it calls for the "A" to be set with one clarinet reed about 3 cents flat, the other 4 cents sharp (and L=220 and H=880). Take the "beat rate" that that give you and extend that up and down the keyboard (with whatever the "curve" that you like best).
__. I gave that info to Larry and he did a really sweet job on tuning my accordion. But he called me a couple of times (or emailed me to call him) and asked "do you REALLY want it like this"?
__. Most people who know FC music really like the way my h'accordion sounds. And I love it.

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