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The one I heard was an Acadian

So that doesn't contradict the idea that he's not interested in tuning instruments made by others.

Anyway, it was a nice tuning job to my ears, which are exposed to Quebec music may 10% of my listening time.


Re: The one I heard was an Acadian

Steve: Exactly -- he doesn't tune instruments that other people built.

I agree, Marc's version of Quebecois tuning is very sweet sounding. Years ago I used a tuning meter to figure out exactly how it (the one I had from him) was tuned).

Re: The one I heard was an Acadian

i wasnt trying to contradict anyone..just stating what was told to me last week

Re: Cajun accordion tuning for Irish/Quebecois playing?

__. Larry Miller made a 1 row/ 10 button in D for me. I asked hime to tune it to a formula that Normand Miron had given me. Basically, it calls for the "A" to be set with one clarinet reed about 3 cents flat, the other 4 cents sharp (and L=220 and H=880). Take the "beat rate" that that give you and extend that up and down the keyboard (with whatever the "curve" that you like best).
__. I gave that info to Larry and he did a really sweet job on tuning my accordion. But he called me a couple of times (or emailed me to call him) and asked "do you REALLY want it like this"?
__. Most people who know FC music really like the way my h'accordion sounds. And I love it.

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