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Re: Re: Another possible solution...get rid of the spoons.


I don't remember what the exact cost was, but it may have been around $100. I also had him put on a better quality hand strap on the bass box, a better thumb strap and better bellows straps and snaps. He did reuse the old reeds, as there was no reason to replace them.

By the time I made this change, I already had an Acadian in D, and I just liked the buttons better than the spoons (more comfortable, easier to play), plus it dressed up the accordion a bit, and made it look more like a "real" Cajun accordion.

One change I didn't get around to, but would like to one day is to replace the plastic keyboard with a wooden one.

All in all, it was a small investment to improve the HA-114, and I think it was worth it.

If you stick with the spoons, I think the suggestion to use the pinky and index fingers while keeping the middle fingers hovering above seems like a good one. That way, when you get a better box, you won't have to relearn which fingers to use. It isn't quite the same because you can't anchor the middle fingers on the bass box and use them for leverage, but maybe that doesn't matter that much.


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