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Re: Re: Re: Tuning!!!.

Joe wrote: "That's it. Not much to explain."

Not exactly. That's one version of tuning that goes beyond just flatted thirds, so it's going to please some ears and offend others.

I'm not doubting its authenticity. I just don't think that it goes without saying it's not the "basic" tuning. It's one answer among many.

It also didn't handle how to tune the two mid-range reedbanks in relation to each other, i.e. how dry is dry.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Tuning!!!.

I'm also wondering how many of you out there have Cajun boxes where the indicated notes are sharp 15 cents, and if so, which makers tune this way?

Sharp tuning

My John Doucet box is tuned 15 cents sharp on 4 and 8 pull. The one I made is also that way. I'm pretty sure Jude tunes his the same. I belive Martins are also. Acadian I think is not. Maybe Dana will chime in here he has some tuning experience.

Re: Sharp tuning


Re: Re: Sharp tuning

the most popular tuning for cajun accordions is for instance, on a C accordion. E's and B's 15 cents flat and all F's 15 cents sharp. Acadians are tuned this way.

My 2 cents for Bruce

Tuning is a touchy subject.
Most "Cajun tuning" I have seen is mainly the E's and B's like Joe says. Marc is one of the few folks that also tunes the F's from what I have seen.

Are ya happy, Bruce? :)


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