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Re: Start small if you're not sure

I would like to add to this get Larry Miller's "You can play Cajun accordion" Great instructions for the basics. I played through a few of his exercises, started playing Colinda, and once you get the hand of playing the octives on push pull you can start picking up stuff from listening. Larry's instructional CD also has lots of great old tunes by Nonc Allie Young.


Re: Learning

I got a Ariette from Marc Savoy shipped to my door for a little under $350.00. At first I thought it was gonna be easy but it was harder than i thought.It will take time and a lotta playing and listening.If you can get a program like Transcribe! you can slow the music down without the tone changing. It will help a great deal...it has helped me a ton! Good Luck!

Mike In Winnie,Texas

Re: Learning

The First Act Accordion...Sounds Good...I may try that..One question...Is is possible to learn to play use the learning tapes that are available. I have found several, And if when and if I step up to a real accordion. Would I be able to play it? Or would I have to start all over with the learning process..
Just wondering..

Forget about the First Act Accordion, it's a TOY!

First Act Accordion is a $24 TOY for god sake!
Forget about this if you are serious about learning.
If you do learn on a decent entry level box (i.e. Ariette or the likes) and with the proper tapes (i.e. Dirk Powell), when you get on a good quality LA made box, it will be like... upgrading from a Lada (Russian-made car sold in the 80s in Canada that were clunky and always broke down) car to a brand new Cadillac, or to use another analogy, it's like moving from a $100 guitar to a $800 guitar!
Check out this link also to get a few Cajun box lessons on the web. www.bignick.net/BoxLessons/boxlesson_Index.htm

Re: Learning

Sure the First Act is a Toy, but it is a lot cheaper than spending $300 on up and finding that you just can not get a grasp on the Push, Pull. If I wanted to spend big money for something that might possible turn into a shelf display, I'll stay with my big 1/4 and 1/5 scale RC cars. At least they are things most everyone, young and old can associate with. On the First Act, buttons 1, 2 and 10 are missing, leaving you with buttons 3 thru 9. If you look at the sheet music from Big Nick and others, you will find that most tunes are played with buttons between 3 and 9.
Just my 2 cents

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

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