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Re: Don't know why, but I've never had any pain.

Me too...don't ever have thumb pain or numbness...or
callouses. Not sure what I'm doing different. I play most
days for an hour or more and sometimes on the weekend for
a few hours at a time.


Re: Thumb Thing

The right position should help you (i.e. 45%, etc.).
By the way, you never have use the #1 top button. This is a redondant note that in the past would be used as a frame of reference to tune the accordion. #2 button is much easier to reach.

first button

I've seen Steve Riley and Dexter Ardoin use the 1st button... let's say 99 % of us never use it!


Re: first button

i use it
but i had it changed on my bflat accordion
to a 'g' note
[key of c equivalent would be 'a'. so you can
do pull octaves with the other a..]


Re: Re: first button

I use the first button only to end a song, once in a while, to make a fat pull chord ending.

I've seen Wilson Savoy use that button in tons of songs with the melody, I don't know how he does it. I should look into using it more often


Re: Re: Re: first button

the thing about using it for a big pull ending is,
you have the bass button for that..

and the bass chord button.

i guess having yet one more source for a low 'g'
adds a little but i would rather have a low 'a'


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